I am dead but my heart beats

How a love story once hated saved 6 lives in a Communal Riot?
Should community, language or tradition be the obstructions for true love from blossoming?
How cruel can a married girl’s destiny be to throw her into prostitution?
Have you ever attended an uninvited marriage reception with your beloved and got caught by the hosts?
Why a boy decides to spend his entire life in a mental asylum?
Why a girl at midnight runs away from her family?
How worse it can be if you are caught by your girlfriend’s parents while kissing her?
I Am Dead but My Heart Beats is a fascinating saga of love, education, community, hatred, sacrifices and hope. It’s about four youngsters from different communities speaking different languages – Aryan, Anshika, Zahid and Swati. Get ready for a heart-breaking journey of a complete real life story.


God & His Girlfriend

Have you ever met a pretty girl in a suspicious condition with blood stained hands lying in a hotel room where you are staying in?
Can a love story see its acceptance in the Indian society when the boy is from slums & the girl is born in a rich family?
How many of you have met those girls who were molested by their known ones when they had not even crossed the age of 14? Isn’t forced & unwilling sex after marriage similar to a rape?
Whether the prayers offered in love strong enough to bring back someone’s lost beloved from PoK?
How many of you know a person whose deeds are completely ideal, something which only a God can do?
Whether religion, caste or community should really be a parameter in deciding the hierarchy & dominance of people living in this world?
God and his girl-friend is a mercurial story about two youngsters, from entirely different backgrounds who strive hard against their comfort to live with their passion. A boy from the slums and a girl from a rich lavishing family set out on an embarking journey to touch the moon. This takes them through many tests, eventually tying them up in love, followed by an unforgettable service to the nation as true stalwart patriots.